Book assignment

Found Book:

The book I chose was called Changeable by Vlad Antonov.  You can find it at the Blurb Bookstore ( ).  I found this book just by searching through blurb. I selected Fine Art Photography. While there were a lot of bad books I still found it a fun process to go through and look through all of these peoples creations, most of the time wondering why they were available for viewing.  I chose to present this book because, first of all I enjoyed the work that this artist was making.  I like how he had the whole book for viewing.  It also was not too over priced.  The book is 100 pages, which is a lot, but at the same time I didn’t feel like his work was too repetitive and if  I was to buy the book I would enjoy the fact that he has a lot of work in it. he also used a variety of ways to display the images on the pages, which prevented it from getting to boring.

My Book:

When thinking about what I wanted to do with my book  a new project idea came about.  I wanted to mess around with the idea of what happens to an image once its main attraction is edited out.  Without is what I created to show this experiment.  Overall I think that it turned out pretty good.  The print quality was good, with the blacks matching mine.  I am also happy with my decision of the size and soft cover, especially considering it is just a draft of my project idea.  I don’t want to put this book for the public to look at because it is not done.  I was kind of searching for images on my computer just to fill up space in the book so some of them don’t work as well as others.


Workflow Comments

Issues and things to improve:

-I only have one card so I reformat camera once I know images are safe on card.  Need to buy more cards

– Old negatives and work prints are in a box

-Some images are poorly framed in room, others given as gifts, most just stay in the box or on the computer

-Have a folder on the computer: My images … Photography…

– I need to find another way to view images besides Iphoto.

– Need to find a new way to store physical work and organizing on my computer.

– I hope to find more reasons to frame my work.

Overall I think that this workflow assignment helped me in realizing some issues in my workflow. Some of them I am already aware of, but needed the extra reminder.  I have a lot that I want to change, but still feel that what I have been doing so far has gotten me by.

My Workflow


-Canon EOS 40D

-4GB Card


-Flash=Canon Speedlite 430EX

-Mac Computer



-Extra Flash Batteries

-School Printer

-Epson Luster Photo Paper

I.  Shoot

II. Put images on the computer

A. Use camera card and card reader

B.  Use Iphoto to transfer images to computer and view

C.  Make Folder on computer and transfer images

III. Editing

A. Photoshop

IV. Processing

A.  Use a hard drive to transfer edited images to school

B. Make work prints and final prints on different sizes of Epson Luster photo paper

C. Keep printing till done

Class Family Portraits…According to Cyberspace

I was just messing around after class and decided to merge away from the TV families and search into our own.  This slideshow is the outcome of searching in google images our families. For example: Jamie Bellar family, Betsy Schneider Family, Andy Hadle Family, etc…  A couple showed actual families or family members, most no such luck.  Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Family Photography

My mom has always been the family photographer.  She would always annoy us with the camera in our face and still does.  She gets a new camera every year for christmas because she wears them out so much.  Even though at times she can be annoying with the camera I am thankful for all of the photos that she has taken.  She has so many albums at her house and has made a separate scrapbook each for me and my 2 brothers.  My mom says that she wishes that she had more photos of her as a child, maybe this is why she took so many of us.  Once digital photography took hold my mom went crazy, still shooting away.  Since I got into photography I think she is happy because every once and awhile a picture gets taken of her.  Also since the digital era my mom has taken it upon herself to print her own photos on her crappy printer at home.  This frustrates me, but the quality doesn’t bother her.

She uses the photos that she has taken to show everyone around her.  When she comes and sees family she insists on showing us pictures of her friends on a camping trip.  Painful sometimes to look at them, we all go along with it cause we love her.

Another family photo tradition that  she has started is taking a photo with me and my brothers every 10 years in red.  I have one from 1990 and 2010 the most resent.  She has the other one somewhere.

Critique of Jenna’s 838 Project

My first thought of this project is how I enjoy the view into her life.  I can easily see the things and people that you surround yourself with and it is interesting to see how you photographed them…from your pet rabbit to your boyfriend.  We can see how you and your boyfriend enjoy snowboarding.  I guess I just enjoy the fact that instead of choosing to take a photograph of an inamitate object or scene around you, you generally chose people or even objects with more life.  This actually makes sense because just from having classes with you I know that you are a passionate person who loves to be around and photograph people.

While most of your images consist of people or your rabbit, you also have a nice variety.  One of my favorite photos is of the screen. I personally am interested in texture so this one catches my eye.  Also a favorite is the image on the 23rd in the morning of your boyfriend in your bed.  Instead of just shooting an image of him, you placed him off to the side and the imprint of your place next to him in the bed becomes more visible.  Very nice!

Overall I really enjoy your images and can’t wait to see more!

24 Hour Shoot Overview


I have a headache from all the pictures I just saw.  I am not sure that I got very much out of this project. While I understand that there are images all around me, I don’t necessarily want to view them all at once in a 400 slide show.  Although mine is only seventy images.  It was interesting however to see all of the different ways that people approached the project.  This, I feel, is the main reason why I continued to pay attention.

I chose to shoot for this project on a day that I would avoid seeing too many images throughout the day.  I basically went to work, dinner, then home.  It wasn’t out of laziness, it was out of lack of interest.  I guess I have been trained to take aesthetically pleasing photographs, that shooting all of the crappy images around me doesn’t sound fun, and wasn’t particularly.  When rereading this blog I sound pretty bitter, but I guess this is my first blog and I suppose that happens.  I wouldn’t say this assignment was a waste of time, just not my favorite.